The sales growth rate of excavators is turning positive

The sales growth rate of excavators is turning positive, especially small excavators. However, even if the infrastructure is recovery and sales return to positive, it may not mean that the inflection point of the Chinese excavator market has appeared.

At present, experts in this industry are generally cautious about the "strong turning point in the second half of the year". After the epidemic factor has subsided, the data in July has indeed improved. The data in the second half of the year may be better. However, the pulling effect of infrastructure is not obvious, and the industry is still in a weak recovery.

Compared with the fact that the demand is still not obvious, the cost pressure of the construction machinery industry has improved.


A construction steel analyst from steel union in Shanghai said that from mid-April until now, the factors such as gradual prevention and control of the epidemic, the increasing interest rate by the Federal Reserve, the flood season in the south, the high temperature in the north, which effect the demand of the steel and steel price is sharply fall.

From the perspective of the terminal market, in the first three weeks of July, the operating hours of excavators in the domestic circulation field decreased by 16.55%. But the improvement for the cost-side is already on the way, and the steel cost of the excavator OEMs accounts for more than 70%. According to the statistics from Shanghai Steel Federation, the overall price of rebar fluctuates widely this year. Last year, the highest steel price reached 6,200 yuan/ton and the lowest price was 4,500 yuan/ton. The price difference between high and low was nearly 1,800 yuan/ton.

It will take some time to recover for the demand of construction machinery industry.

Post time: Sep-14-2022