Undercarriage Track Rollers/Bottom Track Rollers

Short Description:

1. High quality floating seal system.

2. Good surface wear resistance.

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Product Description

Material 50MN Logo YJF or Customer Required
Color Black or Yellow Packing Plywood Pallet
MOQ 10 pcs Suitable machines Caterpillar, Komatsu,Hitachi,etc.
Delivery time 15 days (one container) or stock Technique Forging or casting
Warranty 1 year Surface Hardness HRC52-58,deepth:8mm-12mm
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Part No.for excavator track roller

Model OEM Part No. Model OEM Part No.
E311/312 151-9747/4I-7346 EX220-1 9114618/9066509
E320/E200B 117-5045/8E-5034 EX220-2 9089173
E322 163-4145/6I-9396 EX220-3/5 9132602
E325 117-5046/6Y-1057 EX270-1/2 9114682
E330 117-5047/6Y-2795 EX270-5 9168173
E450 863096/G643-00200B EX300-1 9114619/9066690
PC60-1/3 201-30-00050 EX300-2/3/5 9168173/9114682
PC60-5/6 201-30-00062 EX400-1/2/3/5 4386648/9129347
PC60-6 21W-30-00021 SK100-1/SK120-1 24100N4042F2
PC60-7 201-30-00292 K907B B90N0059F6
PC100-1/2/3/5 203-30-00140 SK200-1 24100N5947F2
PC100-6/PC120-6 203-30-00220 SK220-1 24100J11696F3
PC120-1/2/3/5 203-30-00140 SK200-2/3 24100N5947F2
PC200-1/2 205-30-00172 SK200-5/6 YN64D00013F1
PC200-3 20Y-30-00130 SK300-1 24100N3856F3
PC200-5/6 20Y-30-00012 SK330-6 LC64D00005F1
PC200-7 20Y-30-00015 SH100/SH120 KNA0242/KNA0532
PC220-1/2 205-30-00172 SH200 KRA1189
PC220-3 20Y-30-00130 SH200 KRA1190
PC220-5/6 20Y-30-00012 SH220 KBA0869
PC300-1/2 141-30-00578 SH220 KBA0870
PC300-3 207-30-00130 HD700 547-50800110
PC300-5/6 207-30-00150 HD820 707-50800101
PC400-3/5 208-30-00210 DH220 2270-1098
EX60-1 9046234/9066207 DH280/DH320 2270-9401A
EX60-2 9066970 R200 E181-2002
EX60-3 9096970 R210 81EL-20020
EX60-5 9153152/9177016 R210LC-7 81N6-11010
EX100 9066508 R290 81E9-2002
EX100-2/3/5 9132600/9092522 R290LC-7 81N8-11010
EX120-1 9066508 EC210 1181-00020
EX120-2/3/5 9132600/9092522 EC240 1181-00020

Package and shipping

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Our factory

Excavator triple grouser track shoe (8)
Excavator triple grouser track shoe (10)
Excavator triple grouser track shoe (3)
Excavator triple grouser track shoe (5)

Fujian Yongjin Machinery Manufacturing Co.,LTD , is located in Rongqiao Industrial Zone, Nan’an city. Now it covers around 30000 square meters and has more than 300 staff. This energetic company focuses on manufacturing excavator and bulldozer spare parts – track shoe,track roller, carrier roller, sprocket, idler,track bolt,bucket bushing & pin etc.

Yongjin also strives to provide the customers best quality and service. Yongjin Machinery is willing to set up a long-term business relationship with you !


Excavator triple grouser track shoe (7)
Excavator triple grouser track shoe (9)
Excavator triple grouser track shoe (12)

Our advantage

1.30000 square meters workshop and 300 staff, production capacity is adequate for every customer.

2.More than 30 years’ experience in excavator and bulldozer undercarriage industry.

3.Quality warranty. We strictly comply with quality management systems of GB/T 19001/ISO 9001, GB/T 45001/ISO 45001,GB/T 24001/ISO 14001.

4.One-stop shopping for many different parts of excavator and bulldozer.

5.Export our goods to most countries in the world and know the latest news for this industry.

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